Website Review: Bucketlist .org

Increasingly I find myself being told that I have become a “Facebook Power User” or that I always seem to discover new and interesting websites. It is no secret that I spend a fair amount of time online and that I LOVE Mashable. But I recognise that many of my friends have corporate jobs – the type where Facebook is blocked. So as a public service I have decided to dedicate some time in my blog to sharing some of the interesting websites I have come across. First up, and appropriately relevant to my current blog quest (#CapeTownBucketList) – is social list-generating and sharing website – i.e. an easy way to create a bucket list for yourself (finding some inspiration from other users) and then sharing the journey of ticking items off with the Bucketlist community.

How it works:

It’s a social network – so yes, you can create a username, add a profile picture, write a paragraph about yourself and link your account to Facebook and Twitter.

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 7.17.42 AM

For each goal you can add a catchy title, set a due date, make some notes and upload a photo. If you are feeling particularly uninspired, browse through “Popular” goals set by other users (with the option to filter for “Featured”, “Most Popular”, “Travel”, “Adventure”, “Experience”, “New Skill” and “Family”) and add these to your list.

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I am not so sure if this is a big selling point – there are many list-generating and even sharing apps out there. I guess the feature I like is the fact that others can view your list from anywhere – which is quite cool if, like me, you are pursuing a set of goals over a short period of time and want people to be able to track your progress.

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As you complete goals you can “mark as complete”, add more notes and photos, share your experience and even share tips/ recommendations. With sharing integration across various social networks (including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.), you can share the accomplishment with your friends and family.

My verdict:

This a fun and easy-to-use website which will inspire you to do more. It also makes it very easy to share the experience with loved ones and to meet new people who share your interests. I think it is especially useful if you have a set of goals and a deadline – a great way to track your progress and to involve others.

My Bucket List – Cape Town:

For now I have just added my Cape Town Bucket List items – you can find them here.

Or you can use my list and tick off you own progress by printing Brigid Prinsloo’s bucketlist.