Holi Moly: We Are One Colour Festival Cape Town 2014

Cape Town Bucket List: Even though it did not make it onto my original Cape Town Bucket List, I can definitely recommend the We Are One Colour Festival – Cape Town’s take on the Holi Festival – to anyone visiting our beautiful city in March. On Friday, 21 March 2014, I jumped into an Uber (have I mentioned that I love Uber), dressed in white and headed to this year’s We Are One Colour Festival. Set on Cape Town’s Grand Parade (yup, the same place where Nelson Mandela said his first speech after being released in 1990) with a full-frontal view of Table Mountain. Steamy. Here is a short GoPro video compilation from the day.

What is the Holi Festival?

Holi (also known as the festival of colours/ love) celebrates the arrival of spring (usually occurring on the the last full moon day of the lunar month Phalguna (February/ March). Even though it is traditionally an ancient Hindu religious festival celebrated mainly in India and parts of South East Asia, recent years have seen many non-Hindu’s enjoy the celebration in every corner of the world, albeit in the form of an electronic music festival.


Photograph by Anurag Kumar via National Geographic


Photograph by Poras Chaudhary via National Geographic


Photograph by Asit Humar via National Geographic


Photograph by Daniel Berehulak via National Geographic


Photograph by Tinto Alencherry via National Geographic


Photograph by Rajesh Kumar Singh via National Geographic

We Are One Colour Festival

we-are-one-logo Cape Town’s take on the Holi Festival – the We Are One Colour Festival Cape Town – is a day-time event which runs into the night. The stage, complete with giant “paper” windmills and Table Mountain as backdrop, featured electronic music DJ’s bopping away in the sun. A well-stocked and very well-manned bar on the edges of the “powder zone” ensured that we were always 5 minutes from our next drink. And Cape Town’s growing selection of gourmet food trucks ensured that no one went hungry. Dressed in white and armed with a GoPro and an intricately plastic-wrapped Canon camera, we made our way into the crowds every hour on the hour for the ritual countdown and powder storm. And it is a storm – within seconds of the countdown finishing, individual packets of colourful powder merge to form a think cloud of brown powder. In the excitement, I ended up whoo-ing, and got a mouth full of powder. Yum. Here are some pics from the day.




Ready, Set…




Powder Storm!!!






Dirty and loving it <3

All-and-all I loved it. Maybe not a typical touristy thing to do in Cape Town but definitely something I would recommend to anyone who happens to be here in March.

What to Bring: We Are One Colour Festival Cape Town

  • Wear white – for the photos of course
  • Wear flip flops you can rinse afterwards or shoes you are willing to part with after the party
  • GoPro is the way to go (especially with an extension arm)
  • If you insist on bringing a camera, cling-wrap it beforehand
  • The day-drinking basics: sunblock, hat, toilet paper.
  • The festival basics: any ironic/ weird clothing, hats, accessories.