The One You Kissed on New Year’s Eve

Day 6 of my self-imposed Bryan Adams/ Inside Out Challenge

This might seem very sad (or very sweet) but I cannot seem to remember* ever kissing anyone except Adam on New Year’s Eve. And since the last #BryanAdamsChallenge entry was a soppy tribute to our love, I will ignore the “one you kissed” part of this blog topic and focus more on the “New Year’s Eve” part – sharing some of my most memorable nights (or at least parts thereof). *If you cannot remember it, it didn’t happen.

New Years Wasted

NYE 2001/ 2002 – Friends For Ever – It’s the Truth

I feel so lucky to have survived my pimply, nerdy, awkward teenage years without Facebook. There is something quite special about having memories that aren’t photo-documented in 4 frames-per-minute of strange side-angled, hand-on-hip flakiness or semi-squat strangeness. Some of my best high school memories are barely that – more like flashes of an alternate reality which I am not always convinced even existed.

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I remember (or at least think I remember) spending a New Year’s Eve with my best friend, Lauren, at Truth – a pretty interesting club in Midrand, Johannesburg. Just after midnight, we walked off the main dance floor to the open area outside. Fireworks filled the skies and the party-goers were sharing love like only a generation of pill-poppers could. Then a remix of U2’s “It’s a Beautiful Day” came on.


There was something so hopeful in that moment – like both Lauren and I knew that one day we would emerge from our pimply, nerdy, awkward teenage years and be okay – well more than okay. And that, after everything is said and done, we would still be besties – and that’s the Truth.

NYE 2009/ 2010 – Topless in Thailand

Armed with four small Red Bull glass bottles (which I later discovered was actually concentrate), a bottle of vodka and my two new Contiki friends from Australia, the New Year’s Eve I spent on Patong Beach (Phuket, Thailand) is evidence that drinking in Thailand can really escalate “Hangover 2” style. On the upside, at least I heeded the warning “be drunk then drive sure imprisoned” and managed to balance on the back of a scooter all the way back to the hotel.

New Year's Eve in Phuket, Thailand

Once again the fireworks got me. Starting a few minutes before midnight and carrying on for what must have been an hour – the night sky (already littered with millions of paper lanterns) was filled to the brim with fireworks like I had never seen before. The Thai pop/rock band playing a set before midnight was replaced by loud dance music. The madness ensued.

New Year's Eve in Phuket

I blame the heat generated by drinking Red Bull concentrate and jumping up and down, the lure of the cooling tropical waters and those two crazy Australians. We got the idea to strip down to our undies and run into the water. Of course, once there, someone must have suggested flashing and (being very receptive to suggestions in the state we were in), we did. Somewhere in the world a bunch of random people have topless photos of me #vom. Here’s hoping I never consider a career in politics.

NYE 2010/ 2011 – Night Boats, Conjoined Islands and Black Cock

After surviving  a hot and crowded night boat from Surat Thani to Koh Tao (Thailand), the long and steep walk from the beaches to our island accommodation (a mountain bungalow as opposed to a beach bungalow), the imminent threat of monkeys dropping coconuts from trees and a scary boat ride to some conjoined islands, it was the Black Cock and buckets that got us.

I will not bore you with the soppy (or messy) details but I will never forget my first New Year’s Eve with Adam xxx

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