New Release: User Dashboard V1

Designing and building a website can be tricky. Largely due to the fact that users are generally more lazy than you expect. So if any aspect of your design assumes a degree of intuition or even inquisitiveness – rethink that immediately. Users today want most website functionality within one or two clicks from landing, they want the value proposition spelt out in an explainer that lasts no longer than 90 seconds and they want to feel the benefits of sign-up immediately.

Add to this the fact that your own ability to judge the website objectively diminishes as you become more familiar with the site. (And maybe the fact that no one on the team is really a User Experience (UX) expert.)

I guess this is perhaps the most important thing I have learnt on my startup journey so far: The reality is that no one gets it exactly right the first time. And that should not be the goal – technology moves too quickly and if you spend your life trying to perfect your offering before taking it to market, you will do just that – spend your life (and probably never get to market).

The approach most startups take nowadays is to build a minimum viable product (MVP) and first validate their assumptions about customer needs. Using this feedback, the website is developed in iterative rounds of builds and tests.

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 7.07.26 AM

During beta testing of Cliquidity we noticed that many users were landing on our site and even signing up, but hardly ever completing the first assessment or even their profiles. This could be due to one of two reasons:

1) If, like me, the users are impatient and struggle to sit through our long explainer (new explainer coming soon), then they probably just signed up in order to see what exactly the site is about. Unfortunately, our initial “home” page was the same as the “landing” page – i.e. no immediate benefit was gained from sign-up, neither was a better understanding of the value proposition; or

2) The users lived through the long explainer and actually wanted to join the site and complete assessments, but did not know how to proceed after the initial sign-up.

Issues Identified:

1) The explainer video was too long and spent too much time explaining the “why” and not enough time on the “how”.


2) Users need to be guided through what may be seen as a linear process of signing up, completing assessments and engaging with other users and not left to their own devices on a static landing page (shown below).

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 7.10.55 AM


1) Create a new optimised landing page which contains a new explainer video explaining the problem and how Cliquidity is the solution, detailing benefits and features, addressing any customer concerns and ending with a clear call-to-action. For ease of use, include a summary of the video content on the landing page (for the scanners and slow-internet-ers out there).


2) Create a new “home” page – which guides users through the process and makes features more visible.

User Dashboard V1