Low Car Diet Update #1

Wednesday Wisdom: Today is day 13 of my 30 day #lowCARdiet – my quest to hang up my car keys for 30 days and search for alternative modes of transport. I am happy to report no “cheat meals” as yet.*

On Friday, 16 May 2014 I decided to hang up my keys and announce it to the world – like any diet, building some accountability in is always a good idea.

Contrary to popular belief, I have not spent the last 13 days cooped up in my Sea Point apartment, watching Netflix, eating food from cans and depleting my long-life milk supplies. I have however managed to:

Go to gym on a low car diet

My #lowCARdiet meant replacing my daily drive to and from the gym with a 3km run/ walk in either direction. This is not a lot to ask. Replace your usual gym cardio (and the inevitable queuing for a treadmill) with this #lowCARdiet alternative and you are #winning. I also started with some natural supplement powders like Kratom extract for appetite suppression (details: https://kratomystic.com/what-is-kratom) and some BCAAs.



More about one of my new favourite apps, Argus and getting up to 10,000 steps per day – COMING SOON


Get around town on a low car diet

My #lowCARdiet would have been a LOT less enjoyable if it was not for the MyCiti bus service in Cape Town – a convenient, affordable and comfortable way to get around town. I loaded my MyCiti card with R200 worth of credit more than a week ago and still have not even spent a R100 even though I have taken many trips in many directions.



More  about my experiences with the MyCiti bus and why it makes me so proud of South Africa – COMING SOON.

Go out at night on a low car diet


It is no secret I am a bit of an Uber enthusiast. So you could imagine my disappointment when I realised I had to take an Excite taxi (gross) to the Net Prophet Sparkup Live event because the recent credit card fraud on my account triggered a stop to my Uber account. Luckily Uber has shit hot customer service, and after only two tweets and one email I was able to Uber it home in style.



More #UberLOVE and why Uber is just too cool for school – COMING SOON.

Do grocery shopping on a low car diet

Surely I would need a car to do my weekly grocery shop (especially in light of the fact that I am what some refer to as a Discovery Vitality Power User – dedicated to making their rewards program work for me – i.e. I only shop at Pick N Pay – at the Waterfront). Surely.

Wrong. Pick N Pay has recently launched a great service called PNP Online (currently only available in mayor centres). The weekly shop is reduced to a few clicks, selecting a delivery time and patiently waiting for the cutest tuk-tuk to deliver your goods. No more trolley wars or fighting with cashiers.



More about PNP Online and how this service can save you time and money – COMING SOON.



With 17 days to go of my #lowCARdiet, I find myself wondering if I really miss my car. Sure, it definitely is easier to just jump in my car and drive somewhere but once I start factoring in the health, stress and environmental impact of driving everywhere, I really wonder if it is worth it.

Help please!!! Low Car Dieting in Johannesburg and Durban?!?!

Now before everyone jumps on the comments section and starts screaming about how I am living some sort of pipe dream in Cape Town: I am off to Johannesburg on Sunday – planning to take the MyCiti bus from my front door to the airport and the Gautrain on the other end – and will hopefully get to explore some of Johannesburg’s #lowCARdiet options before heading to Durban for a week. If you have any suggestions for Johannesburg or Durban, please post them in the comments section below.

* Okay maybe one 🙂 My dad is the eternal worrier and cautioned me against leaving my car standing for too long (“Ah the battery will die, my child”) But a quick drive around the block is really like one block of a Cadbury slab in the world of #lowCARdiet cheat meals. Forgive me for inheriting the worrying gene.