I have a Blog Crush on Brandslut

Follow Fridays: In this new weekly post I want to share some of the blogs I love. Brandslut definitely doesn’t need my little plug, already a well-establish blog (check out the blogger vitals below) but deserves some props for being a great resource on all things marketing/ brands and for being a great ambassador for SA.

Blogger Vitals as at 24 January 2014

Vital Link Followers
Blog www.brandslut.co.za No stats
Facebook www.facebook.com/brandslut 1,034
Twitter www.twitter.com/brandslut_  8,136
Instagram www.instagram.com/brandslut  3,178
Pinterest www.pinterest.com/brandslut  387

Did You Know?

  • Real name: Misha Coetzee
  • Attended York High School in George
  • Studied Integrated Marketing Communications and graduated from AAA School of Advertising in Cape Town with honours in Strategic Brand Management in 2005
  • Worked for Vida e Caffe, Starbucks HQ (UK), Paramount Restaurants (UK), Tsebo Outsourcing Group, Tribal DDB
  • First blog post as Brandslut posted on 11 August 2010
  • Currently working as Digital Media Manager at Distell

About the Blog Crush

This week I posted a fun, fluffy piece entitled “Cape Town vs London” and was lucky enough to have “I Like Cape Town” share the post with their over 85,000 Facebook followers. For the following 48 hours my little blog saw more traffic than ever before and as it stands the post has had over 2,500 views and loads of sharing/ liking/ commenting on Facebook.

But, of course, there had to be the handful of people who read the piece and felt it necessary to leave long, abusive, pessimistic comments on my blog attacking me personally and Cape Town/ South Africa generally. 

At the same time, Brandslut posted a piece entitled “Dear World, Meet Johannesburg” – calling for better PR for a city with a bad rep. She curated a wonderful selection of photos of Joburg’s best spots. And, of course, she too had to endure some abuse.

I love reading the Brandslut blog. It is optimistic about our country and the companies and brands that drive the economy forward. It is fun and quirky and does not take itself too seriously. It is informative. I could not agree more with her post about Johannesburg – having grown up there. I am also (OBVIOUSLY) in love with Cape Town. I love South Africa.

South Africa needs more South African love. So to all the South Africans abroad eager to attack anyone proud enough to love SA – DON’T. Don’t tell people that all South Africans live in fear of their lives – I certainly don’t. Don’t tell people about the corruption as if it is not as prevalent everywhere else. Don’t tell a story of divide and hatred when the reality is filled with hope. South Africa is not perfect. But it is perfect enough for me.