I am back!!!

After a brief, yet vaguely successful attempt at starting a blog almost a year ago I have decided to put index finger to keyboard once more. I would like to commit to writing more frequently (for the fans of course) but I fear that even the significant investment ($99) I made in a premium WordPress membership may not prevent me from slipping back into old habits.

As a sweet pre-teen and not-so sweet teenager I kept a diary. It was not you typical “Dear Diary, I am like totally crushing on David – I wonder if he is crushing back on me”. It is difficult to explain but imagine a weird combination of Anthony Robbins type motivational to-do lists, along with explicit details of my teenage rebellion and an alarming obsession with world domination, power and strap-ons*. Pretty much the most embarrassing diary ever kept. I kept these diaries and have not destroyed them only because I still hold onto the hope that my dreams of world domination may materialize and that such early childhood diaries of the new world leader may be of historical importance.

Even back then – documenting what I thought would definitely end up as a typical Hollywood “rags to riches” childhood – I was terrible when it came to writing regularly. Every couple of weeks I would have to sit down with a box of cigarettes and Derek the Bandit (later Roger Goode) blaring int he background, and reflect on what I had gotten up to in the preceding weeks.

So I cannot make any promises about the regularity with which I will blog. Or about the relevance of my posts to anyone other than myself and maybe a select group of immediate friends. But I can promise that I will be honest and unashamed of the self-indulgent journey of discovery I hope to take.

And to always

Keep it Tight, Keep it Real.

added for effect, with little basis in reality.