How to Make a Boerie Baguette

Birthdays – Those awkward moments in life when all your Facebook friends take 2 seconds out of there lives to write a very personal “happy birthday” on your wall. When you have to stand around while adults attempt to mouth along to “happy birthday” – quietly enough that you could not distinguish any specific person but loud enough for dogs to hear (read: barely a whisper). And perhaps worst of all – birthday present reaction fear: if you seem too enthusiastic people inevitably think you hate the gift and are overcompensating, if you are not enthusiastic enough people think you hate the gift so much you can’t even be asked to overcompensate.


That shit was getting old and so am I – so this year, instead of organising the obligatory birthday drinks/ snacks/ merriment, I decided to escape the city for my 28th birthday and head to our family farm close to Riversdale, Western Cape, South Africa. I also decided to try my (not-so-steady) hand at filming the weekend (using my Canon 60D DSLR camera) and editing the shaky footage (using very basic iMovie features). The result – a montage of high speed roadside scenery, birthday cheesecake and the climax – making a boerie baguette.


Things this trip made me realise:

1) I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful country 

2) Not much can beat a cold beer and a braai.



3) The small things make all the difference.