Experiment: Think You Know Me?

In the same way my voice sounds completely different when I hear a recording of myself (*cringe*), I assume the way I perceive my personality could differ significantly from what other people perceive.

In an attempt to test the validity of my self-insight I thought it would be interesting to see what my friends thought about my Cliquidity Personality Report.

To have a look at my Cliquidity Personality Report <<<click here.

If you know me please have a look and tell me if you agree by commenting on this post below. Want to generate your own Cliquidity Personality Report? Read the post below which explains how. And then feel free to share your thoughts about your report below.

Personality Assessment

After signing up on Cliquidity, the next step is to complete your Personality Assessment. The first section contains all the biographical information questions (I will create a separate post to address these).

On the next page you have to review 22 personality descriptors (and their definitions) and then select the 6 personality descriptors that best describe you and the 6 personality descriptors that do not describe you.

Main Descriptors

Once you have selected the 6 personality descriptors that best describe your personality, you then need to elaborate on each one by selecting sub-descriptors for each. The idea is to select all the sub-descriptors that describe your personality – so I guess checking loads of sub-descriptors is probably an indication that your original selection of descriptors was accurate.

Sub Descriptors

And that’s it – you can now download your own Cliquidity Personality Report .

What do you think? Is your report accurate?

Would your friends agree? Ask them and let me know.