Forget about Photoshop, meet Canva: How to create amazingly simple graphic designs for your blog (for free)!

Photoshop is an amazing program – you can literally do ANYTHING with it. Which also means it is an amazingly complicated program. And sometimes – especially as a blogger – all you want to do is add some text to a photo collage and save it for web. And that’s where Canva comes in.


Made with Canva

Like a MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) enthusiast, collecting powers and tools while wandering through a fantasy online world of big-breasted warrior chicks and wizards, I spend a fair portion of my life collecting new creative and web skills while wandering through an online learning world. Strangely enough my online learning world too is filled with wizards – well creatives/ hipsters with glorious beards doing some crazy magic. If you are like MMOG then try playing Destiny 2, we even have a destiny 2 carry website that’ll help level your character up faster.

So this weekend, while scrolling through some Skillshare classes I came across a class entitled “From Zero to Hero: Learn Graphic Design” by Melanie Perkins. The class description mentioned “a new graphic design platform” called Canva and I investigated further.

Watch how I created the blog graphic above in just 5 minutes!

Canva – Amazing, Simple Graphic Design

Canva is a FREE web app which literally can take anyone from zero to a graphics design hero in a few minutes.

  • it features loads of templates including blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations but also allows you to specify the dimensions of your custom designs


  • forget about Photoshop’s complicated workspace,  five-level down menu items and complex keyboard shortcuts, Canva’s user interface is uber simple: drag and drop items onto the canvas as needed and edit them as desired right there using simple menus


  • hundreds of free images, over a million images counting those available for purchase for under $1 a piece and 100’s fonts to choose from means flexibility and creativity in your design


  • easily edit photos on the canvas by adjusting the usual culprits (brightness, contrast, saturation, tint, blur, x-process, vignette) or choose from a selection of filters


  • All this for the once-off price of… IT’S FREE!!! Well unless you use any of the licensed images or designs.

Some Inspiration to Get You Started

Here are some of the Editor’s Picks currently featured on Canva. (Note that some of the designs contain watermarks to protect copyrighted stock photos).







What do you use?

I am quite interested to know what other bloggers are using to design blog graphics. I feel like I am only just starting to get the hang of basic Photoshop skills. Tools like Canva seem like a great way to get the job done without spending too much time collecting unnecessary powers. What do you think?