About Me

Want to learn how to become #likeaboss of your life?

Good. Because that is totally my jam. Eat. Slay. Hustle. Repeat.


Don’t let the design of this blog fool you – there ain’t no makeup tutorials or pretty little printables here. This blog is for women who mean business. Pull back your hair and kick off your heels. Let’s all stop wasting time trying to please the rest of the world and start figuring out how we can slay shit.

What can I expect to read about?

There are some juicy confessions hidden in the archives to the blog *cringe*. But no one really wants to read that. So instead you can look forward to:

  • super detailed case studies from real life business experiments
  • productivity hacks that actually work (hint: it’s not a printable)
  • how-to guides on the essential tools and resources I use everyday
  • rants and real talk because we all need the occasional¬†reality check

Who is The B Boss?

My name is Brigid. I am an entrepreneur, a maker and a badass girl boss. I might not run the world (yet) but I have managed to create my very own dream life: traveling indefinitely, working remotely and taking awesome photos/ videos while I do it.