#8 Atlantis Sand Boarding

This weekend we got our Cape Town Bucket List underway with a trip up the West Coast, stopping to take in the views of Silverstroom Beach, Ganzekraal and Grotto Bay, before indulging in a healthy serving of fresh farm bread (“plaasbrood”) and homemade preserves at the Vygevallei Padstal. We made one final stop in Darling to behold Pieter-Dirk Uys’ “Evita se Peron” with all it’s apartheid memorabilia and tongue-in-cheek political cometary before reaching our destination – the Atlantis Dunes, where we would tick off #8 Atlantis Sand Boarding.

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Driving along the West Coast Road, with its typical Western Cape fynbos vegetation, one would never expect the expanse of white, fluffy sand that awaits near Atlantis. From a gravel parking area, one ascends a small sand dune to be greeted by the blindingly white sands – Table Mountain visible (though with significant inversion) in the distance.


Board in hand, we marched across the sand and up the Sidewinder designated dune. Here we were given (very) brief instructions regarding putting wax on and taking it off, strapping in and of course “how-to-board” (basically jump up and down until you start moving forward and then try stand up – no real tips on stopping). Needless to say, my general tendency is to want to sit down (first rule of sand boarding – stand up). But I did manage to experience the joy of sliding down the dunes (even though momentarily).


Adam was a bit more of a natural (seen above on the beginners dune and below ready to take on the intermediate dune). Of course we had the pleasure of being joined by our friends, Fanny and Sascha, who – being European and familiar with snow boarding – advanced straight to the biggest, scariest dunes and even attempted to build little ramps.




All and all, it was a great day and something I would definitely recommend to others. Fair enough – I am definitely not ever going to be a world-class sand-boarder, but sometimes it is good to do things that scare you. Sometimes you learn more about yourself doing things you completely suck at. Sometimes it’s good to fall (hard on your ass) just to realise that (even though it may take some effort) you simply need to get up and carry.



Cost: There are many providers offering sand boarding at the Atlantis Dunes. We were lucky enough to score a 50% discount with a Groupon with Sidewinder Adventures – paying R320 for two people (Normally costs R640).

Getting there: We made a meal of it and spent the day driving along the West Coast but if you are only interested in sand boarding – it is a quick 40km drive along the R27 (West Coast Road) from Cape Town. Alternatively, some of the operators offer transport to and from the dunes.

Bring this: Bring some sunblock (and preferably apply before heading to the dunes – unless you enjoy exfoliation) – we didn’t even realise we were burning. Bring trainers or comfortable shoes – we boarded barefoot – which is possible – but the straps on the barefoot boards can dig into your feet. Bring water and snacks – nothing like chilling at the top of a dune.


Other Sights Along the Way:

Silverstroom Beach

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Grotto Bay

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Vygevallei Padstal

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Darling & Evita se Perron

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